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This factory production equipment is advanced, detection means is complete, the technique power is strong, quality management system, perfect after-sales service, the product quality is reliable, the products in machinery, steel, dock, shipbuilding, and people from all walks of life in hoisting installation, extensively, and get the praise of users, part of the product export, favored by the majority of users welcome.
2008 years and a update out a new product, automatic gear grinding machine, the product Painted by using high energy magnetic material, use of science magnetic principle make;
No need to power an electric control, there are no complicated part, do not need to install, the operation is very simple;
Use safe, reliable, and an automatic cycle complete suck, feeding for action, can and driving, cranes, cranes, etc all lifting equipment to cooperate to use;
Both single machine can use painted, and multiple combination of large steel plate, the absorption of billet or other payments;
Stem on long service life, convenient maintenance, is a kind of energy saving of the ideal lifting equipment;
An applicable scope: suitable for shipbuilding, engineering machinery, auto industries such as steel, normal temperature lift handling.